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Who Are The Azeem - What Do We Stand For?

We are the Azeem, true and noble knights based on fairness, justice, and chivalry as true knights of the old code. For those who did not know Azeem means Defenders, a fitting name for how we serve the Sultana and her citizens in the Jewel of the Desert that is Ireem.

Our goal dear citizens and hopefuls is to serve the city with fairness and humble devotion of true nobility. We believe that it is not simply age or status or blood that makes one great, but a true noble spirit resides inside those willing to help and serve others.

What the Azeem will do for the city, if allowed to become numerous and plentiful, is keep true order without the need for torture and bloodshed whenever possible.

This does not mean that we are weak, in fact all of the Azeem will be expected to attend regular training exercises to sharpen their skills. All will be expected to fight when necessary, but begin every encounter by respectfully giving law breakers a chance to make amends. In other words peaceful negotiations in the city is our ultimate goal.

Too long has there been corruption in the ranks of the knights. The Azeem seek to be fair despite any friendships or past affiliations we may have with other groups and clans. We vow to look at all sides of every conflict before issuing justice to those who have done wrong. All criminals will be allowed a lawyer to represent them if they so desire, all knights will be trained to give those booked for trial this choice.

I hope that the citizens of Ireem like the idea of just knights and will rally in our favor so we can do our job and serve them. Feel free to contact Azeem Amīrah 'Cathereine Night' or Amir ul-Umara 'Alreania DaSilva' with any further questions about our Knights clan. Thank you.


I like the idea of justice and good knight but I bet Cath is up to no good.. at least I hope so I want to see her naked.

December 23, 2011 at 11:05 PM  

*laughs* Well this ought to be interesting. Knights trying to move up in the world. Not like it's the first time, some internal conflict arises and they all tumble down again.

December 27, 2011 at 9:24 PM  

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