A scroll was dropped to the Chronicles office at the middle of the night, signed by Palace Guard Cathereine Night. In the absence of the editor, the printing staff decided to print the letter in its entirety:

We need a new Knight Leader!

The Knights Leadership has died and crimes are going unpunished!

There is 3 or 4 Knights actually technically "active".. 2 semi active ones.. one is off all the time not doing her duties and another is not really here and sits around doing nothing when he is. Avery does nothing to lead them and is gone for days at a time. So technically there is only 2.

Of those 2...

Avery is gone a lot of the time and when shes here does very little... all shes shown is a lack of ethics by condemning numerous innocent people with evidence before trial that accusations were false and knowing FULL WELL that in Ireem trials you are guilty until proven innocent and it stays on your records.

How many knights are there under her leadership... pretty much NONE and why is that exactly? Do your job Avery.

Nino does what he can but he also has family responsibilities and he was removed from co-leadership by Avery during a fit and as of this letter is not re-instated. Still, I have seen him here a lot more than Avery and at least he is doing something about crimes.

Maybe its time for Avery to step down and let someone who wants to build the Knights to their former glory step in. Or it can be left the way it is.. the criminals stripping the tills all day lately will just love it and our food and other item prices will continue to climb.

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