Cor's charter to the butcher shop for the chronicles.

Salaam people of Ireem, you have long been without present manaagement of the butcher shop for too long, and as only an undead knows of how to properly rend flesh from bone. I present myself, Cor as the most qualified candidate to run the shop.

As a matter of policy you can rest assured there will be no rats in the meat and only fresh flesh will be available for your kebabs. For the Masters you can rest assured that your slaves will only bring you nourishing meat for your conquests with Cor running the shop. For the slaves you will delight in knowing that buying your meats from Cor will keep your Masters strong and virile and able to protect you.

As a public service to the city, the losers of the fights in the arena will be served to the undead. This will have a two-fold benefit to the city, preventing disease from spreading in the city from ra rotting pit of flesh, and also to slake the thrist of the undead to keep the citizens safe from the ravenous beasts.

To ensure a steady supply of meats, I will sponser events at the arena to ensure only the strongest survive to strengthen the bloodlines in the harsh desert.

Thank you for your support and safe paths people of this great city.
~Cor ((Corsair.Wolfhunter))


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