So, Pushka... why are you running to be the owner of the Mystic Parlor? 

-Well because I a mer, and as such one of the few truly magical races in Ireem! -nods her head- Also being as cute I am, I feel that I could make it a much more lively and cute space!!!! - nods her head again matter of factly!-

You are so tiny, won't the cards crush you?!

-Wrinkles her nose and glares at Sayuri- NO! I am a very strong little girl! And I think the cards are still... maybe... a little big shorter than I am!!!

I am sure all of Ireem is dying to know... how did you get so tiny?

-Well it depends if I like you... what I tell you... I tend to tell smelly people that the evil octopus cursed me and I got this small... -nods- But really me and all my 186 siblings are all this small! My parents too! -nods her head- I was just born this way!!!

Do you have any events planed? Let me hear all the lovely details!  It has been ages sense anyone who has owned the mystic parlor planned anything.  

-Blinks- You want me to do events? -sighs heavily- Can I fill the space with tadpoles? A tadpole party could be fun... or maybe a magical theme night? -nods her head matter of factly- Yup yup theme night it will have to be... and then I can decorate with fish.

Oh tiny mystic Pushi, tell me the future of Ireem if you were to win this amazing honor!

WELL!!! The pirates, bedu, magi, and dark knights shall continue to not be as fantastic as the mer, djinn, and undead... but maybe I shouldn't say that... I do want people to vote for me after all.. I predict that erm well... WHERE ARE THOSE DAMN CARDS???

And one last question... why are the dark knight so afraid of you?

I just don't [know] Sayuri! Maybe its my muscles... I've heard they are scary? Or my teeth? But do you think my mouth or lady teeth are scarier? Personally I wouldn't want to fight either. -nods her head sadly- I can be rather vicious Sayuri!!!


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