Greetings Magi of Ireem, citizens, and other entities named or otherwise,

I am Peter Gunther Hausmann the Sixth, current Administrator of the Tower of Magi. In interest of pursuing my continued position of Magi Leader, I am writing to endorse my candidacy of Magi Administrator, and defend against the various attacks made upon me concerning my time in the tower.

When I was elected to me Magi leader, I established myself as a diplomatic and speaker for the Magi, providing regular reports of Magi events to the Sultana, while acting as her advisor on all things Magi related. For the rest of the Magi, I was a permissive leader, believing that the Magi are not children, they do not need to organize under any common banner, as such a banner does not exist. Having been an academic Magi for quite some time, I can tell you that the dividing lines between individuals even within the same field can make colleagues into sworn enemies. Trying to get any number of such individuals to agree on anything is often akin to occular surgery. So, I chose to let the Magi do their job, so long as they did not cause any problems with each other. When they did, I would step in and deescalate the situation, occasionally even landing myself in a spot of trouble with the knights for my loyalty to my colleagues.

As such, the Magi did the same they had always done- provided services to the city that hosted them, and lived their lives without anyone telling them what to do, think, or be engaged in. I was unaware that anyone was unhappy with this arrangement, which was why when a call for a new election was made, I was shocked to say the least. I had been busy with temporal distortion experiments, employing a Thostra crystal apparatus that uses kautrantic fossnau arrays that establish leading Bossamear waves, and needless to say I was quite busy with that project. I would occasionally vanish for a few days at a time, but left the tower in the capable hands of my assistant, the Djinn Amana, who I had in a gesture of goodwill towards our magic-blooded population, trained in the basic day to day running of the tower. All was well until I reappeared only to find my lab ransacked and my assistant missing. That was the beginning of a long and unpleasant affair that ended up with the Magi establishing a defensive state concerning the undead in the city.

Following that event, I realized I could no longer slip through time as I saw fit, but must take a more active approach in city affairs. I have since been a frequent visitor at the palace, providing counsel to the Sultana, and a more active participant in city affairs, and letting any Magi I met know that my door is always open to any concerns.

Many have attacked me, claiming they did not even know who I was, or that I did nothing for the Magi. I counter with this- I sent out many letters to the Magi who aligned themselves with the Tower's official ley network. If I did not know one's address, or that they were a Magi, how would I go about letting them know of my concerns? As for the belief that I was a poor leader and did nothing to help the Magi, I rebuke that with any number of instances where I came to a Magi's aid, or collaborated with fellow Magi to remedy a problem. Others have claimed I did not take care of new Magi. If I had known Magi fresh to the town needed my assistance, I would have taken measures to see that this happened, but again, I had not heard any such concerns, and assumed that even the Magi new to the town were doing well. And, as I have said earlier, my door has always been open to Magi requiring assistance, and seeing as none approached me with any concerns, I assumed that there were none.

So how can I be blamed for not taking an active part in the Magi's life, when I did not know the ley addresses of all the Magi? How can I be blamed for not helping the Magi, when I was not made aware of any problems? How can I be blamed for not leading the Magi, when the Magi did not tell me they wished to be led? I have always felt that the Magi are a group of mature, intelligent people who do not need guidance or strong leadership. We are adults with our own agendas that can handle problems on our own, and if we need help, know how to ask for it. That is why I have been proud to call myself a Magi, as we are a group immune to hysteria, instead deferring to rationality and maturity.

If this is how you perceive yourself as a Magi, then vote me in for a second term. Vote for being allowed to follow your own agenda, and having a Magi Leader that does not interfere with your studies. Vote for a Magi who is not only a seasoned diplomat, but an active researcher in magical affairs. Vote for a Magi who believes you are an intelligent, responsible adult, and will treat you that way. Vote for a Magi who does not think you need to be led like a small child, but left to what is really important- Your own pursuit of Magic, and your freedom to do it without hindrance from any ruling group or party. That is what I have always felt is important, treating the Magi as a group of free thinking adults. So please, vote for me in the upcoming election.

Thank you,


A Magi places a Djinn in charge of the tower while he is away? By the gods what were you thinking. If we wanted a Djinn to be Magi leader we would have voted for one.

October 19, 2011 at 11:03 AM  

well concidering the experimentation Peter did to flea.. might have been a ' good will ' gesture to repair relations between the groups?

November 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM  

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