The Chronicles managed to catch up with Shaka the Wild, who is running for the leadership of the Slavers. In this interview he shared with us some of his vision as well as some candid thought in and around the issue of the Slavers leadership


Chronicles: Even though you are one of the most famous, and perhaps infamous character in the city, sometimes it's hard to establish who is the real you from all these gossips and rumour. Maybe you would like to give us a few lines to describe yourself?

Shaka Brandris: Well ...I am sure most of people in Ireem have hear my name even once ,also every pirate here know who I am . I have been maybe one of the most old pirate here in Ireem .I have my high and low moments ...but even that i have always find my way through the sea fog and raise up myself looking in the future. I was being a second in command once ... before many years ,But trust me i never have lose that fire in me and I have prove that many times ,I have prove that Shaka have a honour even cruel man

Well I guess one of the question people would want to know is that not so long ago you were working with the palace and help us to defend against the Undead. What took you back to the slavers?

Hmm I think that working in the palace was challenge for me also i was there to prove that one of the most hated person in Ireem have more honour than most of that people who blame he .I have give my word to Lonesome and Shaka the Wild never broke his word I think I have prove this ...nut there also was a small deal. Let`s do not forget that this is in my blood ... and just this what is in my blood make me turn back as a pirate ... my soul need of freedom .. my temper make me do things that are not so "royal" I am man who have some hard moments to behave so was better for me and the Palace if I move back to my usual business

Understandable. I think it's easier to buy you drink when you are a pirate than a palace guard anyway. If you do become the leader of the slavers, what would be your priority to the pirate?

To unite them lead them standing on the front line ..I will never hide behind my pirates like some others do ... All knows that I am never scared ..never scared even to fall in battle ..and that`s the reason why most of people have fear or respect of me .I would show the way to all new slavers ... I would give them all trips and experience that i have got in years..about all old slavers ...I think most of them know my skills and also I hopes most of them already stand behind me. I would give to all slavers this what belong to us, the glory.

Obviously, with so many different groups who are living in and around the desert, there will bound to be conflicts. We all know your fierce reputation, but what of you as a leader? Will you be leading your slavers into the war against the Undead, for example, should the group crosses path?

I am warrior ..but not a fool ..I will do not lead my slavers in something that we are not on way to win ... and talking about something so poor like this un-dead pussy creatures ... be sure that no one can`t step on my way ...even I need to deal alone with that.

I absolutely agree with your statement there, certainly none of them are brave enough to step out of their hole and come up to this level and speak to us. On a slightly different note, what would you think the most difficult challenge of leader the slavers, and what would you do to deal with those challenge

I think the most hard job for me would be to unite all slavers ... to make them look in one direction and do not mess up in each other business ...or if there is something with what they need to deal to make it in some discreet way .. I wish to make us look like strong unite and make all bow their head when slavers walk on streets .. i would lose to see that and how I would deal with that ? If i need to be honest I don`t know ..only the time will show ...I know that many would laughs at me because i don`t give some promises ...but if those people even know Shaka a little bit they must agree that Shaka never give empty promises ... only weak and poor people love to shows that they always know how to make things in best way

What would you describe your leadership style? Would you be ruling with an iron fist or would you try a different kind approach?

I have always say that there is nothing more i important that loyalty and respect ... I will rule with respect ..but also there would be no mercy for those who try to ruin this what i build

What about to outsider? Can you see yourself having a drink with the leader of the Bedouin or the Undead, for example?

Probably not . At least not before they all come and bow and paid their respect to us ... in other case we would force them claim that the past i have seen many leaders that was enough stupid to treat us bad ..and they have pay i high price for that ... so I am sure if those are clever enough they would always look back in a history and learn from there

It's good to have you here today, Shaka. Would you like to sum up your campaign with one statement?

No true pirate will allow anything or anyone to come between what is theirs. Elect me as your leader and fight by my side. Reclaim what is rightfully ours.


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