Candidate statement from Am Demina



Well, we may think different about things happening in Ireem, but one thing all have in common: we love our city! Ireem is a beautiful place to live in.
And where did Ireem earn its prosperity from ? well, I can tell you: Slavery !
Slavery is the basic business of Ireem. The pillar Ireem stands on. Slavery brought traders to Ireem, made royalties come to our city and attracted both the good and the evil to wander around here. Slavery made our city to its high standards.
And who did supply this all? Right, we did, the honest and hard working slavers.

As a leader I will make sure everyone understands this matter. I will propose laws to encourage slavery; I will organize our respected profession to make slavers a major force in our beloved city.

Slavers rule Ireem ! Vote for Am Demina !


Hehe, I would vote for Am, if I were a slaver ! Although I want to kick his ass everytime I see him, he at least does his job right !

He is an old school slaver and proud of it, so all people, who CAN vote, should support him in my opinion ! Does that make sense ? I think so ! *grins*

October 19, 2011 at 12:43 PM  

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