A wedding in Ireem !

The Clan of Bi'itu-isu happily announces that our most gracious and - as will be demonstrated by this announcement - generous political chieftan Nakuru Bi'itu-isu has accepted the meager Bride Price of a breeding sow and three piglets, three milk cows (possibly stolen), a donkey, unicorn foal and some goats (though probably not enough for a proper wedding feast) for his daughter, the voice of Apis in Ireem, Yannena Homewood nee’ Bi’itu-isu.

Yannena is the only daughter of Nakuru, the business manager of the family mineral holdings and Guardian of the Abyssmal Gate. Her mother, living on the opposite side of the Gate is the Guardian of Baset and the Hand of Apis, the dispenser of Justice. Though young and deep in studies, Yannena has been named the Voice of Apis in Ireem and has recently accepted duties of Inquisitor and Counsel for the Sultana and the Palace of Ireem.

This paltry Bride Price was scraped together by Corum of Clan McConaught, allegedly a pig farmer’s son from the Sword Isles in the Northwest Sea some thousands of leagues outside the travel of any Bi’itu-isu Clan member. Corum is known to have deserted the City of Endless Virtue Tanelorn, in her hour of greatest need. He also served as mercenary soldier, desert guide and errand boy to the demoness Fury, who he later betrayed. He owns the Law Offices and runs the Benevolent Society of the Downtrodden and Untouchable (Commonly known as “The Thieves’ Guild.)

Pending Corum's completion of Ritual Tasks set by the Bride’s family, a ceremony binding Clan Bi’itu-isu with the McConaughts of the Sword Islands will be held Sunday, October 24th at 1 PM SLT in the Kingdom of Sand.
A Reception will follow the ceremony at the Mer Kingdom with music from our musician Evah Gothley around 2.30 PM SLT. If Corum fails in his Ritual tasks, we stone him to death and send him to Hell, same place and date, maybe music will be a little more upbeat.
The Clan of Bi'itu-isu


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