New Champion of Ireem !

Dear reader I hereby proudly present you the new Champion of Ireem, Sir Tim Speiser !

Needless to say I knew he is going to win as I know very well about my Masters fighting skills, but we of course want to inform every citizen that could not make it to the tournament, about what happened.

Our wonderful organizer Miss Kora Zenovka started the tournament with the following words "Welcome beautiful people of Ireem to the famous Ireem Championship! Our Oracle has decided the fate and the order of the fights. Please contact your opponent and decide the weapon you wish to fight with: Sword or Knuckleduster !“

The opponents of the first round were as followed:

Urso Kronsage vs. Una Flux

Dinky Wingtips vs. Brittainy Collins

Tim Speiser vs. Ritz Macbain

Champagne Roxan vs. Glenn Graves

Jordina McGinnis vs. Xan Baran

Arian Clip vs. katia Mighty

Miriam Lemondrop vs. Champagne Roxan

The lucky winners making it in to the next round were Urso, Dinky, Tim, Glenn, Jordi, Arian and Champagne. Two fights actually did not happen: my opponent Britt never showed up, rumours say she had a bad headache but I am pretty sure she was just too scared to fight me ! *grins* Arians opponent Katia was seen to faint as soon as Arian entered the arena, all ready to fight. Many people tried to bring her back to consciousness but sadly failed !

The second round started with the following fighter combinations:

Jordina McGinnis vs. Arian Clip

Dinky Wingtips vs. Glenn Graves

Tim Speiser vs. Urso Kronsage

Champagne Roxan vs. Dinky Wingtips

And the winners of this round were: Jordi, Glenn, Tim and Champagne. Urso could not fight this round as his knights duty called him away, rumours tell some Djinn were holding three poor slave girls as captives, putting them into bottles ! Because of an odd number (in the first round aswell) one person had to fight twice and in this round it was me. Sadly I got some sand into my eyes in the first fight and lost against Glenn. In the second one Champagne was so eager to cut off my hair, that I was a bit distracted trying to do the same to hers !

Anyway, the fights of the third round were spectacular and thrilling to watch ! Champagne showed Glenn, that girls can fight AND look good while doing that, as females are multitasking and Tim beat Jordi in the probably closest fight of the whole event!

Without any delay the final fight was announced „Tim Speiser vs Champagne Roxan!“ and Sir Tim proved once again, that chasing his slave girl around the city with a sword or whip from time to time – in this case me - seems to be a perfect training to make it through a tough tournament like that ! His picture is now to be seen on the Champion board infront of the arena and I am going to spend the huge amount of Dinar he won on nessesities like new clothes !

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Champion of Ireem , Sir Tim Speiser !!


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