Carpenter Shop Monthly Specials

Due to the rising violence in and around the city of Ireem, there has been a high demand for coffins.

As such, you can procure yourself a coffin at the carpentry workshop. We are the only establishment who are prepared to stand behind our work and offer generous gurantees.


CUSTOM MADE COFFINS - made to order - price to be negotiated
Our exclusive range comes with a 25 year guarantee on fittings and fixtures
Standard of workmanship may vary due to the time of month

Optional extras for your beloved to take with them into the next realm:- Price on application
Hamper from the bakery
The finest floral arrangements from the Palace gardens
Watered down rum from The Slaves Head Inn
Embalming service offered - why not take with you your favourite camel, pet or girl.

PINE COFFINS - 12 month warranty on workmanship*
These coffins tend to float but lead can be purchased at time of ordering for $10-00 per kg
$100-00 deposit and balance of $100-00 payable when collected.

BUDGET RANGE - $100 payable on order
no warranty on workmanship
Coffin is made of whatever materials available at the time of ordering
Interior lined with date palm leaves
Coffin is not guaranteed water tight so not suitable for burials at sea

Group discount of 30% if ordering 5 or more.

Special rates for persons under 3 Arabian Black Cubits in height.

*Any warranty claims lodged by the deceased require proof of purchase or warranty will be deemed nulll and void.

If you are interested please contact Helena Eddenbaum.


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