Am's Punishment

Yesterday Dinky and I were strolling through the empty city streets. As she pestered me with magical questions, even asking what type of animal I would like to be, I began to notice a large group of people entering the Good Knights Inn.

Naturally we were curious, so we snuck inside to see what was happening. The sight that met our eyes had me feeling my head, for surely I had taken a tumble and bumped it. But alas Dinky said that she saw the same thing so it must have been real.

There was a huge gathering of women (and one man) all watching as the Slaver Am gyrated slowly to soft music. He was dressed in a small silk cloth that can not even rightfully be called clothing. His audience consisted of: Miriam Lemondrop, Biest Allen, Semjase Lagodadaly, Ivery Silverfall, Addison Lexenstar, Caraya Beeswing, Jordina McGinnis and even our lovely Sultana!

The story as it was related to us was that Jordi captured Am and decided to force him to dance in public for an hour as punishment for the way he treats the women he captures. Whether or not this punishment will change his behavior only time will tell, although he did seem to be enjoying his “punishment” a bit too much for it to be effective.


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