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When you dream , you dream in symbols. The symbols are common to all people, and represent different emotions or situations.


These symbols we find in tarot Death, which many think is very scary, in effect means that there must be a dramatic change in your life.


But it is not a coincidence which cards popping up then? Well ... What is coincidence really? Fate? That all cards have an equal chance to emerge statistically? Why is it then that if you ask the same question again (which you should not do), so it is often the same cards that pop up? Is it coincidence that you in exactly this time asking this question, I decks cards so exactly these cards were present in this order? Some call this synchronicity theory. If you ask me, so I ask you.


 People are amazed that all voices when I predict them, and whoever gets most astounded is myself. I actually think it's absolutely crazy, and I have no logical explanation for what is happening.

 But if I can help others through tarot, it answers well enough for me.

So there are many amazing tarot spreads, can not count on it.
*you can search about tarot cards if you are interested *

Here are the spreads I provide:

-3 cards (past/present and future)

-Horse shoe (past/present situation/hidden influences/obstacles/house/actions/ and outcome)

And The Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot.
It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful.

Celtic cross ( present/The immediate challenge facing the querent/distant past/ recent past/The best that can be achieved/ immediate future/ factors or inner feelings/external influences/hopes or fears around the situation/ Final outcome.


My prize  150 L for : Celtic cross
               100L  for : Horse Shoe
               3 cards are 50 G


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