I made a new tarot reading for the KOS citizens 

-that is because some didn't understand the first one-
I have choose the 'HORSE SHOE 'spreading for you paper readers.
There are many tarot spreads , I don't know how many of them are accurate.

Horse shoe info :
1.Past ; Those factors in the past which are having an ongoing effect on the situation in question.
2.Present situation ; Current factors which are known and obvious.
3.Hidden Influences : Those factors currently affecting the situation of which the subject may not be aware, at least on a conscious level.
4.Obstacles : Impediments, both obvious and hidden, that may get in the subject's way
5.House ; The influence of close friends, family and others of importance to the subject.
6.Actions : The best path to take in order to further the subject's best interests in the matter.
7.Outcome : This is the most important card in the layout. It indicates the final result if the path shown above is followed - "the future", if you will. If it is a Court card, it often represents an actual person.

So here are the 7 cards spreading named HORSE SHOE 

1: To be irritated does not pay
Trivialities are often boring, but it is necessary to be aware of the details. An argumentation and a debate must be ahead of the decision.
2.Use your enthusiasm
Focus on your blessed moments. It is your own believe in yourself that leads you to new levels of insight. Be aware of that force and vitality it automatically gives you.
3.Working together
If you are in a conflict of interest then try making opposites meet. This way you can help not only yourself but others as well
Right now it’s all about working together.
4.You are going new ways! It is right now you are able to do the unexpected. Don’t fear, But remember yourself. Your believing in your own choices will pay of.
5.Go straight to the point.
You will often have great influence on your surroundings. Believe in what you think, say and do. But be humble don’t act arrogant.
6.Use your talent Make it clear what you are doing, be aware of your own motives, and be focused when you carry out your potential. Believe that your creativity can make miracles.
7.Look forward
Walking into the unknown future can be filled with fear, uncertainty and pain because it is hard to let go. When big changes comes into your life you most meet them with an open and positive mind.

OK SWEET'S i hope this IS BETTER to understand ..


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