Justice? You Decide!

A vigilante force has entered Ireem. The Thirsty Djinn is now also a vigilante head quarters. The djinn Phox Sillanpaa has now began Ireem's first official vigilante den. The Thirsty Djinn will host a hideout of people who take the oath to defend innocents against the forces of evil.

Phox himself, says, "Our rules are very simple. None are exempt for them. Immortals should show the wisdom of knowing the truth of right and wrong. Mortals shall quickly learn it. Do not rape. Do not murder. Do not cause misery upon others. My head has been clearing over the past few days."

Phox has opened his tavern up to all prey seeking shelter who can't find the voice to call for help in their time of need.

Phox quotes "Any prey that run into my tavern, shall find a few good swords to ward off their attackers. It is the same as calling for the knights in my book."

The vigilante group, known as, 'Veritas Aequitas" is looking for any who believe that the rules of the code, prevent justice from being done properly. If you are captured by these men, death is the typical punishment,as they reserve their efforts for the worst of offenders. They will be a force to reckon with in Ireem. Any who are interested need only IM Phox, and he will fill you in on the more complicated details.

Watch your step, evil. The unorthodox forces of good are here to meet you.


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