Ferren Skytower : Page Three

Chronicles Staff: What turns you on?
Ferren Skytower: A good sense of humor, and a kind heart with just a bit of whimsical mischief mixed in are traits that attract my attention. Magical play and good conversation are always fun. I'm a bit of a bibliophile, which is why I picked the library for my portrait. Also, I really like women's breasts. They're nice and soft and fun to play with.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you off?
Ferren Skytower: Violence without cause and cruelty are a sure way to earn my scorn.

Chronicles Staff: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Ferren Skytower: Swift as the wind,
She glides though Ireem,
A quick flash of blue hair,
Sometimes all that is seen.

Chronicles Staff: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Ferren Skytower: Anyone with a cruel heart.

Chronicles Staff: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
Ferren Skytower: One time as a joke, someone stuck some potatoes on my horns while I was sleeping. I didn't realize they were there until the next day, when I sat in a fire to meditate. Something smelled delicious. They made a nice supper, at least.


If you pose in the library please be sure to leave it in as good of condition or better than you found it. Nudity is acceptable as we oppose all forms of censorship within the city, (just be wary of paper cuts) Thank you for reading this public service announcement.

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