Hello let me  introduce myself.  I'm  Kev Vyper and I would like to take this time to let everyone know why I want to be Pirate Race  Leader

    When I first arrived in Ireem, I joined as a Pirate, and stayed so until I took a break away for personal reasons. When I returned I tried other races but was drawn back to my roots as a pirate.

    I have been a clan leader in a few races in Ireem, mostly to help others get started with clans. Once they felt established I would pass the clans over to them, for example the Shadow Priests.

    I am currently the leader of the clan Sea Witch  My co leader is Kaya Blinker, Together we started this clan and with the help of a few others pulled together a strong  crew . We have grown to be one of the most active clans in Ireem, and on KOS ranking in the top 3 for activity for the last 10 weeks many of the weeks until recently ranking 1st. Within the Sea Witch we have many rankings letting members grow and develop .

    I feel the Pirates stand in a position to be the strongest race in Ireem with no needs for alliances if all pirates can pull together and work to help and develop new members. The new pirate race should be strong with many rankings from the strongest fighters and captains to the slaves who help to keep the camp running. Each pirate should have a role they can work with for the good of the race and other pirates.

  Once we have all pirates working together, then defending our camp will be as easy as raiding can be with a good raid leader and planning. Volunteers will be needed to help with training and sparring, with healing others before and after raids, teaching new people the basics..ie...working, aging, eating, agility, as well as the different tactics in raiding and defending.  Their is a role and position for everyone and promotions will be given out based on activity and merits. These promotions will be based on the recommendations of the pirate leaders in a council to be established among all of the clans. All leaders will be a part of this council with a vote

    As pirate race leader i would stand to help in all matters passing on my knowledge and skills to others  and skills of others in the race too. The leader is not a figure head to sit back and enjoy the name of the role but an active member of the race and I aim to do this as often as I can.

I thank you all for taking the time to read my Vision and I hope you will chose to vote for me.


This is an old post but it was highlighted by a former member of Shadow Priest in KOS. As the founder of Shadow Priest and the one who had started the Shadow Priest clan in the Priest Race, I would like to thank Kev for his brief presence in Shadow Priest.I`ve always valued and treasured opinions and views from anyone.It was a great and valuaeble memory to have played as Shadow Priest Clan because of the support I received from great people like Lissandra, Phantomg , Ragnar as the race leader and few others more. It was not easy to start a fighting priest clan in Priest Race but it was a very valuable lesson. I could not done it without them all.Hopefully KOS will stay as one of the best sim to rp and combating.


July 10, 2015 at 3:19 PM  

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