ARTICLE: Ireem Library

Just two weeks after taking the helm of Ireem’s Library, Mathias Brucato has already made his mark with improvements and innovation to the prestigious institution. When the Chronicles’ Pasha Braveheart sat down to interview Mathias, he was knee deep in books recounting the historical chronology of Ireem, organizing, sorting and getting them ready for the many volunteer scribes who will soon be working on them.

(pic. Mathias and Lilith)

When asked what made him take on this monumental task, he explained, “Mostly because of a need to help others. I see too many times people ill-educated about Ireem or why they are here.” He thoughtfully pauses and gestures out the window with a sweeping motion, then continues, “This thought is general, as it really extends to the entire land and the people and beings that dwell here.”

Speaking about his goals and plans, Mathias shared, “My goals are simple. The Library is here to educate those seeking more knowledge on things.” He discussed a recent observation he had made, “I have seen an unusual influx with pirates and slavers using the Kama Sutra and other books of that nature, though I doubt they were actually reading but…. admiring the drawings and letting their imagination run wild.” This did inspire Mathias to develop a plan to make the “knowledge of these lands” more interactive, similar to those books and scrolls of the Kama Sutra. Currently, Mathias has a team of scribes making as many copies as possible of the lands’ history for those local and from afar to read and understand. Another plan that Mathias outlined involved a messenger service, “We will also offer messenger and scribe services to all who need it. MeBo has been an excellent promoter and I have a great keep of talented individuals willing to help.”

Mathias elaborated on his plan to execute the messenger service saying, “So far the scribes and others who are willing have been couriers. Just the other day the Bedouin Alli, ran a few messages by foot. For those who have multiple messages to send, we have a nest of ravens to fly any message needed. We also pride ourselves in keeping your information highly confidential.” One person who has already taken advantage of the messenger service with a ready raven perched atop her business is Icy Silverweb, owner of the Blue Parrot. Of Icy, Mathias remarked, “She is one of those citizens who has used the newly opened library. We do hope to do more business with her and the Blue Parrot and she has even added a few additions to our library personally.”

When asked for more information on the types of additions he was seeking for the library, he offered, “Well so far, we welcome just about anything: magic spells, incantations, recipes, stories, ranging from the soft in humor, to the erotic, and everything else in between.”
In terms of upcoming events, Mathias spoke of a two tier contest he has planned, “One will be directed toward artists designing their favorite scene in the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius and the second will focus on story telling…(for instance) how to survive certain scenarios in Ireem, which can run the spectrum from funny to those in dire need.”

Something else on Mathias’ agenda is to provide more comfortable seating in the library so that visitors can better relax and enjoy the peaceful environment while reading.
In closing, Mathias wants the citizens of Ireem to know, “The Library is here for anyone, new or old to these lands. We plan in the future to start programs so that those from far lands can learn gradually about this place allowing them to better adjust and fit in.”


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