The Chronicles understands that a recent incident in the Palace had led to the curious arrest of a goat

The incident took place a while ago when the Countess was enjoying an quiet evening in the palace, the goat, which believe to be the pet of the Djinn Queen, Indigo was involved in a scuffle with another beast named Belz. During the scuffle, they have accidentally broke the aqueduct in the palace and resulted an almost drowning of the Countess. As expected, the palace guards act promptly and bravely, but as expected, their lack of direction sense and general awareness meant at the end, it was the goat who managed to rescue the Countess to safety

Though curiously, the guards decided arrested the goat. Whether it was done in order to cover up their own incompetence or other reasons is not yet clear. The Chronicles tried to speak to the Captain of the guards, but because she is still on her summer vacation, we have yet to get an answer on that.

As usual, the Chronicles will be following this news item with interest.


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