Raddick... a knight?

Hell has officially frozen over, Raddick the Slaver has become a knight... protecting the innocent and weeding out the bad, using more with words than his sword, how long will this last? Has Raddick really changed? ...Probably not. He captured Undead Dinky and Guard Dalilah saying they hit him... and he says they are not his slaves when asked by other knights, but his "prisoners" . He runs off from knight camp where he is keeping the two "prisoner" and tells them the demand "Stay!"... and of course Dinky and Dal run off to hide, in where else but Slaver's camp... awaiting Raddick to come find them if he dares to come in the camp that was once his. Chris the current slaver leader shows up wondering what Dal and Dinky are doing in his camp, once he learns the story he wants them to leave, but of course they don't budge. Chris then decides to go hunting to kill the Knight Raddick so he can free them so he can have his camp back. Well at the site of Raddick they panicked and locked themselves in the cage, Raddick then gave up and freed them, only for Chris to open the cage, and attack them both. Dal was lucky enough to barley escape but poor Dinky was left behind and captured. Raddick the Knight will never rid of his old ways... beware women of Ireem.

(news posted by Dalilah Sirnah)


Okay just to make it clear: this was a bloody trap ! After this episode Raddick came back as slaver...no one can tell me this was not planed by Chris and him ! OMG, I am not sure if not even Dali was involved...never saw her run away so fast ?!?!

I was captured for one looooooooong day and forced to wear a sign at auction with the title " Warning to the Undead - Leave the slavers alone "

To my lovely undead family: I say it's kill a slaver day...wait, week !
And I want a Parrot slaver for my own ! *grins*

Lamia, the Undead evil twin

February 2, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

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