Random around Ireem...

Various Events and interestingness:

1. CURRENT EVENT: Rumor has it that there will be a battle between the Bedu and Knights at Slaver's Bay at approximately 3pm SLT. Fortunately for the combatants, The Enchantress KCEE used her magic to drive the scorpions away from the slaver camp in an act of kindness to the slaver leader, so the area will only reek of the smell of unbathed opportunists.

2. Rumor also has it that Anneliese has put some kind of a terrible, horrible, nasty spell on Priya Rajal. Speaking personally, I always believe it when I hear about Anne doing terrible things, because it's really the more believable than "Anne was helping the less fortunate" or "Anne was planting trees to make Ireem beautiful" or "Anne decided to spare the life of the carolers who disturbed her".

3. Chris Wilder: "Chris Wilder is a great leader of the Slavers..." (he's the most confused of all of them.)

4. BGSS loves her Master!

5. Nakira, Djinn Leader: "I would like to share the fact that purple ponies are fun, and flying cats are trouble."

6. Drasy Denimore leaves a note at the dungeon addressed to Rana as the leader of the city guard. It reads as follows: "It is of some concern that certain slaver filth seem to have the idea that robbing 'rich citizens' would be a good business venture to fill their pockets. Two slavers were overheard to be discussing just such when I happened to pass them by outside the city. The two in question are known to me as I have had problems with them in my Inn in the past. Cowboy and his fighting slave, who's name I do not know, (Editor: aislinn) even named myself 'Drasy' as a target for their musings. As a a tax paying and lawful citizen of Ireem such a plot to begin robbing citizens concerns me. I would ask the city guard to investigate these scoundrels and investigate if they have already been robbing citizens." the note is signed with 'Lady Drasyndra, owner of the Good Knights Inn'.

7. Kiko Serenity: Well I am new here and already learning it is very hard to be an undead with these stinking humans always acting as vultures... and they say we are bad. So anyway, my sexy brother Craven was going to the fishing boat to fish and along comes a guard by the name of Dalilah who also wanted to fish, he was there first so naturally he ignored her and went to fish. She then took him captive so she can have her fishing spot back! :O .... then sold the sexy guy on the block to teach him not to take her fishing spot... I hereby declare that she can TRY to take that fishing spot from ME but I won't have it! I plan to push her off the boat next time I see her fishing on that boat when my brother should be!!!!

love Kiko

9. Kahdoosch Alter wonders: "Can I regurgitate my cock?"

--- and such is Ireem


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