Time to forget about war and old feuds for a while! Saturday January 10th 2009 at 1 PM SL-time, MasterJ, Kylara, Minihai and Sage invite you to participate in a contest of who is the most promising Bedouin. A good Bedouin knows how to hunt and fight in the desert, and is a total charmer . Keep that in mind when you read about the chaos we have planned for you all!

The event consists of 3 stages which all take place in the desert on the Beduside and all the way up to the Djinn-temple but not around the city:
1 - Who is the best opportunist?
2 - Test your true hunting skills
3 - Test your stamina and fighting skills


Stage 1:
This stage is meant to find out if you can seek out prey that is the best opportunity for you. Will you try to go for the easiest prey with 10 other predators or will you run after that evasive wench alone? What are your best chances on success?

On Saturday 1pm SLT, five prey from Stage 1 will be standing ready on the Bedouin hill for you predators out there (yes, it's OUR hill). Each of the Stage 1 prey have an unlimited supply of coins unique to that particular boy or girl. MJ will start a countdown and then it is off hunting the poor prey. (Do *NOT* hunt the Stage 2 prey at this time... they will be clearly labeled on thier tags) Upon capturing the prey, she (read he/she from now on please) will give the successful predator a coin. The predator immediately releases the prey again so she can be caught by another predator. Once the predator has coins from 2 different girls, he will bring them to the Bedouin hill and hand them over to Master J. For that predator, Stage 2 then begins. PLEASE NOTE: You will have to catch two DIFFERENT prey. Catching the same prey twice won't allow you to continue.

Please note that Stage 1 continues until Stage 2 is complete. Predators who bring 2 different coins into MJ will continue to advance to Stage 2 during that time.

Stage 2:
This stage is meant to find out if you are a true hunter. No more opportunity and tactics but instead show us that you can catch the fastest prey available: HUNT

Once a predator has given the 2 coins to MJ, MJ will write down the name of the predator and s/he will be hunting again. This time for 1 of 2 prey that have been selected by MJ himself as: "never been able to catch yet". So yes, this is a true hunting challenge. The sooner you have the two coins from stage 1, the sooner you can hunt one of the two preys from this stage. So you will have a huge advantage when you are fast in capturing prey in the first stage.

Once one of the Stage 2 prey is captured, the captor will bring her to the bedouin camp victoriously where she will kneel at his/her feet until the other is brought in too. Stage 2 continues until the other Stage 2 prey is caught, at which point both Stage 1 and Stage 2 end.

Side note: MJ is offering either predator that captures a Stage 2 girl 100K if brought in topless (or 200K if naked!). As a Bedu you should know how to charm a girl out of her clothes!

Stage 3:
This stage is meant to test the stamina and fighting skills of the two predators that were victorious in the previous stage.

Once the 2nd girl of the previous stage is caught, MJ will shout that the event enters the final stage. All hunting should stop immediately, we ask people to take off all tags and unnecessary scripted objects and we gather again around the Bedouin hill. The two winners will each get a new predator-tag so they don't have an advantage over each other in fighting.

The two winning predators will free the prey they caught in exchange for having the opportunity to fight with each other in the desert for the title (freeing the girls is NOT optional!) No running to safe zones and no eating in-between! Simply a battle as it would be in the arena.

The winner of this fight will be crowned as the person who is the "Best Potential Bedouin" and will be presented a nice prize! The prey that put their lives at risk running for all of your pleasure will get a present too.

For all of you prey out there that think they have no chance in a fight, I would like to say this: "Maybe two totally inexperienced fighters will turn out to be the best hunters and you will have the chance to fight each other for the title"

We want to ask all preds and prey to take off the regular KoS tags and only use the tags provided by us for the event, which will be given out by Sage. (Kora has approved the use of the event-specific tags)

For questions, suggestions or remarks about the event, or would like to volunteer as prey for Stage 1, please contact MasterJ Swashbuckler or Kylara Kuhn.

Happy hunting!



DAY: Saturday, Jan 10th


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