Darkness and Fury

"Citizens of Ireem I have a tale to tell, of feathers and demons, of darkness and Fury. Read and remember !

Stolen feathers from a Djinn, cursed citizens both highborn and low. Dark starless nights. Demons were banished and time for births.

Fury was and perhaps may still be a being created out of the fears of men and their own inner darkness. Many centuries ago these fears grew and the strength from them gave way into the manifestation of a demon now known as Fury.

I write blame not Sheva but look into your own hearts. For if blame must be laid, lay it upon yourselves and your inner fears. Fury hath fed from man's darkness but the noble and righteous hid their darkness from themselves. If there was no way to feed off that energy but it lingered inside them still. So the time of curses began as a way to let the darkness out. Mortals know little of such things and killed the host Fury was residing in. She went back to the abyss to await another portal.

Darkness but returned once more by the power of the Three. The three infants, now grown knew their dark duty and when the time came they summoned the entity thought vanquished. The Three called upon the gods and spoke the incantation "Life to life and mind to mind, our spirits now will intertwine. Evil hiding in plain sight, We use this curse with all our might. In the `tween time, this darkest hour. We call upon this vindictive power. Three together stand alone, command the unseen to be shown. Magick forces far and wide, bring back the beast she hides inside. Be she far, be she near, Bring us the demon Fury here....."

And thus Fury was reborn in Sheva's body once more. Blame not Sheva, as she was a fitting host for Fury, her immortal nature letting Fury thrive and feed of off man's own folly.

The demon spent too much time in this waking realm and grew weak and unfocused, allowing for others to remove her horns and the Magi KC to place a crystal upon her collar. The gem must hold a mighty magic indeed as I was told of how the crystal burned if it were to be removed.

Fury believed that the Magi KC knew what she was doing and thought her to be of help. As I write down Fury's story she spoke to me and said, "Fury was made from man and curses them to feed off what they hide. I am not evil, neither good, I just am"

She seemed tired, as it took a great amount of concentration and power to hold down a host's body for so long. I believe that Fury knew in her depths of her being that her time on this realm, this plane of existence was coming to an end.

Later on I saw this to be true as I watched Aine and the magi KC work together to banish Fury once more. It was a bitter sight I watched as Aine magically bind Fury untill KC could call upon her magic and the gods to undone what had been done. The Magi cast her circle and I felt the power stirr along my skin as my eyes grew blurred with emotion as I heard Fury scream she wasn't ready to go.

Her loyal guard stood by her side as the spell was cast. The Magi spoke the words and I felt a cold fear grow."Guardians of the Watchtowers Four, I invite you to our presence, Grace us in our Circle with your essence. Spirits of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, I call upon thee to bring us higher. Unto our Circle, Welcome all and one!"

Aine herself began to glow with strange glyphs as she tapped into magics of her own. Fury begged for it not to happen, but we all have our time and cannot ask for more when the thread is cut.

I watched as Aine called her staff to aid in the sharing of magics. The Magi seemed to tap into the magics and spoke once more, "Power of wind, wrath, and lightning have I over thee; Power of storm, moon and sun have I over thee; Power of stars, heaven's and worlds have I over thee; In the shadows, evils hide, Ready to draw me from loves side."

Fury looked panicked and begs Anine to answer why. The air around them grows bright as the Magi called upon more power and incanted "Powers of the witches risecourse unseen across the skies, Hear me beckon, hear my plea,Spirit Fury I summon thee!"
The air grew thick with magics and I felt the hair on my skin rise up and prickle as the Magi finished the rite " By the power of the elementsto my care I place thee.To my hand,Thy care will be.Guardians of the ancient towers,Grant me now thy sacred powers.Let this spirit at my beck and call be,For such is my will, and so I mote it to be!"

Fury fell to the ground in pain as the spell was cast, her darkened skin fades and the red light leavs her eyes, but not before she utters one last warning, "Fury will return with a vengeance." The spell was done and I knew in my own dark heart her words to be true.

Thus Fury was banished and Sheva returned, but not completely whole. I watched the woman stumbling about blindly with darkened eyes. The die is cast and they have their Sheva back, but in what state I cannot say. I am no healer. It seemed to me that Sheva was stuck in a place of darkness and unaware of what has gone on while fury rode her skin.

I watched as they took her to the Djinn realm to work what healing as they may. It is good to have Sheva back, but it was an honor to have met the Fury. As I finish my tale I have done what I set out to do, that is to give remembrance to Fury as well as give a note of caution. Don't turn from your darkness, or your fears. Know thyself and be whole, else gods only know what demons you will conjure forth.

Thank you for reading my tale Ireem. I hope you mark my words well.

I remain, Clotho of the Djinn


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