The Good Knight Tavern - Under new Management !

The Good knight Tavern is now known as, "The Thirsty Djinn". Under the proprietorship of Phox Sillanpaa, the tavern is now proud to offer blood to those who do not wish to drink at the butcher. Nasty blood there!

The bar also sells Faerie Dust and Djinn Djuice to drive your nonmagic (And your magic) friends crazy.

Kiss Loon will be performing Tuesday at 4:00 PM SLT Featuring the Violin and Celtic Harp

Thursday is Thirsty Thursday, featuring half priced djinn djuice all day - only 5 Dinar !

Friday is Faerie Friday, in which the faerie dust is on special at 10 Dinar !

We are also proud to offer cold drinks, cooling them in ways only Djinn - and I guess Magi -can. We have a wide array of Redwine, some spiked with blood. The Thirsty Djinn is always looking for new drinks or magical assets to sell.
We are also looking for blood donors, guards, dancers and bartenders. Bards and storytellers need only contact me and I will make an event out of it.
That pretty much sums it up. You can do your editorial thing and make it pretty and interesting and funny. But these are things that need mentioning.

Phox Sillanpaa, owner of the Thirsty Djinn


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