Let us welcome our new gossip columnist, mysteriously called " The Muse". To make it easier for her to get the latest information (some call it spying, but hey) she wants to stay anonymous of course !

"Gather near for I have much to tell. Lean a bit closer. We would not want these juicy bits of gossip to get about now would we? I have much to tell. Such exciting news! I almost know not where to begin.

It seems the Djinn have much to rejoice and have done so in over abundance, though I am not sure the Slavers will enjoy their attempts. *chuckles* . This Muse has learned of the impending nuptials of Lady Kerri, Physician of Ireem and the Djinn Addison. A joyful event, but one that is doubly blessed. I just happened to be near when I overheard the news as she was speaking with friends. Then this morning, when I thought it could not get any better, it was discovered she was to have twin girls. A Djinn pregnancy is rare but one of twins is even rarer. Can we say double trouble with a capital D and T? These were the words I just happened to overhear from the lady herself… "There is great cheer and celebrating in the Kingdom of Ireem as the Djinn family announces the marriage of Djinn Addison Lexenstar to the lovely Palace Physician Kerri Kowalski. The Djinn wish to express their welcoming of deeper friendship now of the Palace and the Djinn through this union. The couple was wed in a small private event and due to the potency of the Djinn magic after their wonderful day is now expecting twin girls. This is a momentous occasion as it has been many years since a Djinn child has been born and even rarer is the occasion of the expectation of twins in Ireem."

Congratulations Lady Kerri and Addison, may hearts be filled with joy and your patience never fail!

The Djinn always love a celebration as we all know. They took this news as a chance to be merry and drink a toast. Numerous toasts. Where you may ask did they find so much to drink? Where else, but the Slavers camp would have such fine Rum? It was noted that three of the Djinn were seen frolicking the night away as they emptied several casks of fine rum. One Djinn, in particular, it seems rum agrees with her too much. One has to wonder what the slavers will do with the field of strawberries and daisies she left when she stumbled away blindly and not quite steadily. Before she left she was heard singing loudly to her sister who lay curled up in the coals, while she drank port. Hmm, mayhap she should have asked Raiden, the Slavers Leader before she snuck his port from the ship?In the end one cannot say the Djinn do not know how to be merry and celebrate. Until next time…

The Muse"


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