The Chronicles recieved an anonymous letter from a member of the already very famous "Sisterhood". As we all noticed, their special interest at the moment lays on stirring up the male population of Ireem, which makes the following scroll even more interesting ! But read by yourself:
"Dear Ireem Chronicles Reporters!
We have just borne witness to the wrath and fury of unhappy women in the past few days in Ireem. Yes, woman have been a largely neglected bunch in this land. Hence, I call upon you reporters to begin a new column in the chronicles that would appease womankind in Ireem. This column should feature the most eligible bachelor in Ireem for the current month. Since there are no entries for this month, I declare the below mentioned male as the most eligible bachelor for this month:
Most Eligible Bachelor in Ireem (August)
Name: Vermilion Darkfold
Status: Single
Age: Does it Matter?
Clan: Undead
Favorite Haunts: Can be seen in the combs, self-reflecting and praying in the chapel above the knights camp, or preying on the knights below it
Hobbies: Collecting human thumb, spleen, brain and also weaving a tapestry of knight hair
Meet Vermilion Darkfold, a man so eloquent and articulate, he could put most mortals to shame. This man is also the epitome of all fairness in Ireem. When recently asked whether he was biased to hugging slave girls than other mortals he replied "Don't get me wrong. I hug and kill equally....I don't discriminate."If you are tired of hearing the lame pick-up lines of the slaver and bedu boys, ladies, Vermilion Darkfold is a breathe of fresh air. For those women who are still into outward appearances I say, 'Look at his heart ladies, it overflows (quite literally)'. I hereby declare this adorable undead as Ireem's Most Eligible Bachelor for this month.
Source: KOS Sister"
Dear reader, I was really amused reading this and the idea behind I personally find awesome ! I would even go further and hereby ask for the Most Eligible Bachelorette in Ireem aswell ! Please do not hesitate and send me your recommendations for the next male and female! The announcement you will find in the paper in september ! Please Do not forget to explain why this special person should be voted for, their characteristics and what makes him or her so unique ! Thank you Sisterhood for this inspiration !


i adore verm ...
pulls out her sewing kit and sharpens her needle ...poor man fails apart on me so i have to assist him by stitching him back up after fights ..
he is possibly the most eloquent man in ireem....

August 12, 2009 at 3:04 AM  

He once paid me for a lap dance...

August 12, 2009 at 4:10 AM  

Though there is the smell of rotting innards, his manners and demeanor leaves one with a smile. A more gentlemanly undead I have yet to meet.

August 13, 2009 at 12:04 PM  

Just to make myself really clear here - This article is NOT an initiative of the KOS sisterhood. It has been written by a female who happens to be at KOS.

(And yes sisterhood leaders, stop witch hunting me if this article upsets you! =_=)

- KOS 'Female' and writer of the article

August 14, 2009 at 7:19 AM  

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