EVENT: Cooking class, Fatted Calf

.:: Cooking Class Event::.

Ahoy Ireemians

-our kitchen will start giving cooking classes to keep the old recipes of Lamb stew ,, Fish and Rice ,, camel Steak and of course the wine brewing ,, for the next generations to benefit ,,
(Master your Food skills with some good RP)

The catch,,

-all student should join this classes.. should gather the ingredients from Ireem,, (let say slaughtering the camel at the city gate for a nice portion of Camel steak and veggies) RP the story how you get hold of it too..

-other thing the recipe will be kept to cook it in my Tavern only
(Students will become employers and RP mastering there skill)

-So why don't you cook your heart out adding pinch of the black sea Salt,, sprinkle some Indian cinnamon and white pepper ( Achoo,, Bless me,,) and don't forget  touch of herbs..let say Rose Mary!!!

Event  .::Cooking Class 1 ::.
Place : Fatted Calf Tavern
( first Class - Camel steak with veggies and rice )
Day: Tuesday 28th of August
Time: 1 pm SLT
Fees : 30 G$ per Class
Every one is welcome to Share there story and recipe ..Tasters too are welcome,,The prices will be reduced at the event day to 1G$

P.S Get your own cauldron ,,

Madame Rose
Fatted Calf Tavern Wench,,,


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