Yes dear Ireemians, it is time for another page three girl . Today we have the beautiful Miss DeLyssia Sahara showing herself off and answering some questions ! Enjoy !

  • Question: What turns you on?
  • Answer: When he touches me right there. Can I have some privacy!!!
  • Question: What turns you off?
  • Answer: Liars, Cheaters, Thiefs...she wonders if that is everyone around her. She takes out her sword.
  • Question: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
  • Answer: Fans herself at the thought of him...I have had sex with him already.
  • Question: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
  • Answer: Ummm..none of the women...I prefer a man.
  • Question: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
  • Answer: I was very drunk and ended up with all these tattoos. Growls at the ones who did this to her.


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