The twins are born !

It is a happy day in the Kingdom, more babies have been born! Twin baby girls have been born to the powerful and magical Djinn Addison Lexenstar and his lovely wife our Physician of Ireem Kerri Kowalski. The infants were born on October 20th at 5:47 and 5:48 in the evening. Chloe was the first to enter the world with blonde hair and light green eyes and her sister Emily followed a minute later with brunette hair and emerald green eyes. The parents are so delighted and full of joy over their new baby girls.
They will be lovingly cared for by the Lexenstar's and in the palace by their Godmother Her Royal Highness, the Sultana Zanlu Heron and their Uncle and Lady Kerri's brother, Prince of Damascus Ponzio Rossini, and dear friends Lady of the Palace Aunt Mirna Muggins, Magi Uncle Cor Sands, Bedouin Uncle Copper Convair and lovely Aunt Jordina McGinnis and the magical and beautiful Djinn Aunts Nova Caerndow and Djinn Brittainy Collins and of course Uncle Majid Axel, and with many other djinn aunts and uncles to teach them the magic of the djinn ways.
The Lexenstar's will be in need of trusted servants to watch over and care for the girls when mother returns to her physician duties. Please contact Kerri Kowalski if you are interested in helping to be a personal assistant and care for the babies.


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