A Softer Side Of MasterJ?

In all my days as a citizen of this great city, I have never seen a stranger sight then what presented itself this evening. While lounging near the front gate, I heard a familiar voice shouting for the djinn Sage angrily. Curious as always I went to see what the disturbance was about.

What I found was truly a sight. The Bedouin, and self proclaimed “Bastard” MasterJ had just dismounted from his camel. Now this in and of itself is no strange sight. However the long flowing mane of bright pink hair stopped me in my tracks and doubled me over with laughter.

When I finally had myself under control I approached and found Olive MacMoragh had the pink hair as well, though hers was tucked under a hat discreetly. I asked the “Bad Bedu” what happened and he simply said “Sage” in an extremely angry tone.

I asked if the Djinn had cursed him or simply dyed his hair. "Well how the sweet fuck would I know? do I look like a djinn or a magi?" he seethed. Seeing that I would get no answer from him I turned to Oli for answers. Sadly she was too busy giggling at MJ’s predicament.

So off I went in search of Sage. Upon finding the slippery little Djinn I managed to get a few answers as to why this happened. When asked why she did this her answer at first was simple. “I made it pink. I felt it would bring out his feminine side.”

After that her answers became harder to understand….and honestly who among us can truly understand the mind of a Djinn? But from what she said it seems this was a punishment because of MJ’s well known penchant for oral gratification.

I was able to get no answer as to whether this pink hair is the result of a Djinn curse or a simple dye job. However I would caution you all to be wary around the pink haired Bedu. He was last seen storming into the sands screaming Sage’s name at the top of his lungs.


You lounging? Gasp, say it isn't so!

October 4, 2009 at 5:40 PM  

Yes, you have my apologies that I sit in the hopes of something interesting to happen. The Chronicles require that Dinky and I read back as much chat as we possibly can in the hopes of finding a story. Once people actualy sent us note cards of their role plays to be posted in the paper. Sadly those days are gone. If you wish to see less of us sitting around collecting chat logs perhaps help with the problem and make a note card of your own Rps for us. That is of course assuming you role play here.

October 4, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

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