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Story by: Znork

So many times I have passed the knights office in the corner near the city entrance. There is a law book there and, a presumably, very strict guard . But lately when I have had a lager too much after a hot working day in the desert, and become quite drunk, and been walking in a far from straight line.. I haven't gotten arrested. Sometimes I feel lucky, sometimes I miss a bit the entertainment, excitement and fear a talk with a knight can cause. After all ,they are serving the Sultana and protects many people.

Today I met a brave knight with the name Smooth. It's said that he is a very good protector and a fair knight. I met him outside the office and after a short tapping on his own chin, thinking, he invites me into the office. He doesn't have any tea left to serve me,  I guess that's what made him think twice before inviting me in. I step into the office, breath taken of all the posters of criminal people hanging on the wall in there. I stumble a bit, but manage to sit down in a chair, On the other side of the desk the knight is seated in his nice. white knight clothing

I nod to him then looks around a bit and starts asking him
-" Could you please tell me the ground purpose of having knights in the city and how it is to be a knight?"

He looks a bit in deep thoughts but his response comes fast

- "The knights were established as protectors for the Sultan. He had produced a special army in war to protect him and win the battle. After the wars were over he tasked them with the safe keeping of his fair city, protecting the inhabitants and keeping the laws. The palace has a special guard, the Royal Guards that protect them. We are of course allied and sworn to protect the Sultana. But or duties mostly in the city."

I nod to the answer and Im fascinated that the history behind it is presented so precise and fast. There must be proud feelings in being a knight. I continue to ask

- "About the laws here, is it really so that one is guilty till proven innocent here? In that case that means you really have a lot of power?"

- "Yes, presumed guilty until they can prove they are innocent" laughs "This is not some strange western place where people can just be innocent"

- "But not really a problem? People trust you and behave in your present?" I ask very curious

-  "Of course since this is the case there are those that like to make false claims against the knights and offer bribes. But no knights I have under me would dare take or act in such ways.Even with the face of punishment, many still break the laws."

I nod and state that its good to hear. Telling him that makes people like me feel safer
Smooth leans forward looking a bit more serious "I've been a knight longer than most have even been in Ireem. I live my life to the code of the ancient knights." I nod again and then I get curious about details and daily life for a knight:

- "But what is a new knight's day like? What is typical? What are orders like?Is it to go arrest someone? Or investigate maybe? or just be a guard?" The questions just pops out of me like after a bad camel stew dinner

-"Well they would start by signing in to work and checking the boards for crimes and such. Then go about the city to patrol for danger, help those that may request it and be on the look out for the ones in the list there. They may be called to testify at a trial or bring captured criminals to the trial."

I knock my head with the quill pen and suddenly it spills ink all over my pants.. I swear quietly but manage to wipe it off a bit with some papers laying there. I saw some names and a drawing of a person on the paper.. but as the knight was tapping his chin and looking thoughtfully out in the air I managed to sneak the papers back in a stable. Relieved I ask a bit more:

- " What is the best thing about being a knight. and what is the bad part?"
- "Well that is the thing. You get to meet lots of people so that is one of the best parts, on the other hand it can be very lonely as a knight. But the friendship between knights is a good and warm one. It is not the same os in other groups, they tend to be family, here we are a family with one job and purpose"
I look over my scroll and tries to read the words between the ink spots, suddenly I remember one thing:
- "Do you have to be very good to fight to become a knight or do you have special training for those who wants?"
 -"We can train but you dont even have to fight. There are fighters and  prosecutors"
 I nod and tells him that I think its just important to write in case people come new here and wants to be a knight.

After asking the knight all these questions he also takes me down to look at the jail in the basement
It looks terribly small and smells a bit rotten but not as bad as I thought it would.
He shows me the two cells and tells me they clean it and that prisoners mostly aren't kept here for more then a day. They have a dungeon another place for longer detentions. But that is not a place they clean often. I'm thinking that it might stink, maybe smell a bit undead-ish, but I would never say that loud. Suddenly we hear someone cry and the knight Smooth tells me he has to run to look what is happening. I rush after him to not get stuck in this prison. I just manage to escape from the office too before the guard lowers his sword to prevent people entering.. or leaving. I suddenly stand outside and wipe my forehead. What a dramatic end of an interview. I guess a knights day can be full of action. Maybe I should become one....


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